My story


I’m a Venezuelan inmigrant currently living in Boston, MA, I’ve always have had a passion for technology, ranging from games and computers to opening and fixing phones (or even breaking them). When I arrived in the US I couldn’t follow my passion right away, I had to earn money, so I found a job in a restaurant called Otto Portland, It wasn’t an amazing job but helped me learn a great deal about the hospitality industry, the Boston culture, and its people, and I realize that the best way to learn and grow was to help others grow, that’s how I was able to get to General Manager within 2 years. This job helped me develop communication abilities, a dedication for customer satisfaction, and time management skills.

After a year as a GM, I was economically stable enough to make a switch in my career and follow my passion, that’s when I left my job and joined the General Assembly Software Engineering program. While in course, I fostered and developed my aptitude for solving complex problems. I built, debugged, and tested interactive full-stack applications, in an agile environment, using tools and languages like JavaScript, React.js, Ruby, Express.js, continuous integration and deployment with AWS or Heroku, as many others. I worked with not just these technologies but the methodologies to learn any other programming tool.

After the Bootcamp, I was eager to find a job as a Software engineer, but I quickly realize that I needed more experience in order to get where I want to, so I decided to offer my time for free, that’s when I found a Pro bono opportunity for an amazing non-profit organization called Just one penny, who’s mission is to make charitable giving easy and accessible to everyone in the US. Helping them, I’ve been learning about components, using tools like React/TypeScript/Jest for the front end of the app, and others like Express, and MongoDB for the back end, also tools like Jira for project management.